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Precautions and troubleshooting of ultrasonic welding equipment for digital freq

Update time:2020-07-03 09:22:49Clicks:2542
The power frequency real-time frequency, no need for FM!! Frequency modulation can cause the power supply and transducer frequency inconsistency, too much current, damage the transducer and welding head.

Tablet machine

Precautions for use:

1, The power frequency real-time frequency, no need for FM!! Frequency modulation can cause the power supply and transducer frequency inconsistency, too much current, damage the transducer and welding head;

2, The amplitude factory 15%, remember not to exceed 20%. Too much amplitude causes the transducer to burst. If the transducer is broken, the welding head will be broken.

3. Tighten the mounting plate screws, otherwise it will be easy to scream; Stop immediately if there is any noise!!

4. The distance between the embossed roller and the welding head plane is 5 to 10 wires. If there is a big squeak, it means that the pressure is too tight.

5. Do not tilt the installation. If there is any inconsistency between the two sides of the mask, check whether the welding head and transducer are horizontal and firm; (If one side is firmly welded, the other side is not flat, the embossed roller should be pressed to the center of the welding head, pressure deviation will lead to uneven welding head, easy to break.)

6. Add fans under the transducer and welding head (recommended)

7. If the device cannot touch the ceramic chip of the transducer by hand during work, it will get an electric shock.

To detect heat, touch the solder joint and the place except the ceramic chip. Remember to remember!

8. The converter's lug shall not contact with the flange plate, which will lead to heavy load and high current, which will easily damage the welding head.

9. During the use of the equipment, the vibration of the equipment and machine will cause the screws before the welding head and transducer to loosen, and also the screws of the flange and mask to loosen. Please check if there are any problems.

Alarm (frequency loss of lock, fever) how to check

1. Check whether there are obvious cracks on the upper end of the ceramic plate of the transducer;

2. If there is no crack, check whether there is pressure cross in the welding head plane;

3. In the absence of the above two conditions, the transducer and the welding head can be disassembled first and the transducer can be tested separately. If it does not alarm, the welding head is broken. The transducer is broken and the welding joint is basically broken.

4. If there is no above three conditions, no-load test can be carried out; if there is no alarm in no-load, it will be overload alarm and need to stop for rest and power off for 5-10 minutes;

5. If the welding hair is perm (over 40℃) and alarm is given, unplug the 3-hole signal plug, press the manual test key, and press the confirm key to cancel the alarm. After cancellation, observe the screen to see whether the frequency (F) is between 19.6 and 20, and whether the power (P) is around 200W, not exceeding 500W. If not, follow Step 3 to remove it.

6, Welding hair perm (40 ℃), no alarm, voice of abnormal noise, but can work properly, check to see if the transducer or welding head screw tight, screw holes to see if there is foreign body, clean, and observe the amplitude and welding head screw hole is not smooth, can if uneven yarn paper mill a little bit about the machine to try again.

7, Pay attention to rest or cooling fan;

8. Also replace the power supply for inspection;

PS: The number of chips is directly related to the performance of the machine. Transducers and welding heads are fragile products. If you only pursue the output, you need to reserve welding heads and transducers. Please follow the instructions carefully